Paranormal in Paradise Proofs Demonic Presence

Key West is a city known for Being very busy during the day – and much more active during the night time hours. The residents of the town are quite knowledgeable about stories of haunted houses, hotels, restaurants and even local churches, which have prompted more than one thrill seeker coming to our little island paradise more interested in finding the dead – than making friends with all the dwelling.

The residence is open to the general public and has been retained in the original condition since Hemingway’s death. Visitors have often claimed that the sound of a typewriter was heard throughout the tours of the dwelling. Additionally it is rumoured that Hemingway has been seen on many occasions throughout the house even waving from his windows when the residence is unoccupied.

Key West is also home to a real life Chucky doll. The doll was given to artist Robert Otto with a servant who practiced voodoo. Robert named the doll after he blamed all terrible events on the doll. To most people Robert the doll gave away a horrible vibe but not to Otto, in actuality, he loved the doll so much that it became a battle between him and his wife who insisted that the doll be retained in the loft. Rather the doll was given his very own bedroom where strange occurrences happened. Local kids became terrified to walk beyond the house because they had been convinced the doll could watch and really mock them on the road below. A plumber at the house once swore he heard that the doll laugh and noticed that each and every time he passed the space the doll could be in various areas.

Robert, the possessed doll, is now on display in most extreme haunted houses in Ohio where he continues to spook people who see. The doll is placed within a display case and the doll’s toy mysteriously moves from one knee to another. Knocks can be heard from behind the glass where he sits. ┬áIt is also stated that cameras stopped functioning only when close Robert – some thinking the doll itself prevents pictures being taken.

For those wanting to see several haunted places and listen to the ghost stories that have made those famous – there are many ghost tours offered in Key West. These excursions can be exciting to the believers and entertaining to the sceptics – that may actually change their minds. Some tours even offer evidence of the ghostly findings through Pictures and voice recordings from beyond the grave. These tours often last over an hour providing more in-depth info on this very historic and haunted town.